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      Company profile

      Hengshui Xinrisheng Intelligent Conveying System Co.,Ltd   

      Hengshui Xinrisheng Intelligent Conveying System Co.,Ltd (abbreviated as Xinrisheng Intelligent) is the High-end Conveying Equipment brand , with excellent technical team and in house intellectual property & national patents,developing intelligent conveying machinery. Focusing on transforming itself into international competitive one-station solution provider of intelligent conveying system, providing not only intelligent products but also whole cycle management from construction to operation & service for our customers.Our company located in Hengshui city in North China Plain, it’s the cross road of Beijing,Tianjin and Hebei. We have more than 800 units advanced manufacturing equipments, including 20 large and main units and three automatic production lines. The factory covers 253,000 square meters. It’s registered capital is 71,550,00 USD, There are more than 300 employees which contains 30 with middle-level titles and 125 technical workers with high technical skills. Xinriseng is mainly engaged in the manufacture, sales and technical services of belt conveyors, large angle belt conveyors, horizontal curved belt conveyors and long distance crossing conveyors. Our products can be used in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, coal, port and other industries, products have been covered the whole domestic market, and exported to the United States, Germany, France and other EU countries, Australia, Brazil, along the Belt and Road countries, Southeast Asian countries and African emerging markets, totally more than 50 countries, gained the customers’ praise.Our company has a number of provincial innovative platforms, relying on the technological radiation, constantly strengthens exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes. We have successively formed school-enterprise partnerships with China University of Mining, Tianjin University, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology, keeping the conveyor design at the leading level in China. At the same time, our technical team regularly carries out technical exchanges and discussions with foreign companies, learning international leading design concepts and process methods, and keeps pace with international new technologies.With the innovative technology, good quality, Xinrisheng has established a one-stop service system. We will continue adhering to “servingthe users, making contributions to society”, make our company a flagship of conveying industry with international competitiveness. All in all, our company will provide the best products with high quality and competitive price for our customers and share success with you together.



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